Got to Try 'Em

I just recently got back to New York City from a long trip in Hawaii.  I have been looking at all the food blogs to rey and catch up on what is going on: Dan Le Noir is still not open, Le Baron did open, etc.  So I've been thinking about some new  and newish places I have to check out, I feel like I'm a little behind in my research.  Any suggestions on new places I need to try?  Any specific new dishes or drinks that are "out of this world" incredible?

Here is a short list of places I want to hit up in no particular order and I would love to hear any comments:

  • Tertulia
  • Parm
  • Acme
  • Empellon Cocina
  • Back Forty West (when it opens)
  • Kutsher's
  • Pulqueria

Anything I am missing?