Andrew Lloyd Webber is the king of Broadway right now.  He currently has 3 shows running; Jesus Christ Superstar, Phantom of the Opera and Evita.  I recently saw Evita with International superstar Ricky Martin as Che.  Of the 3, this one is perfect for the grandiose and large house of the Marquis Theater.

The size of the theater is an advantage as it makes Eva Peron, played by Elena Roger, even smaller physically.  Vocally, she is a force.  She commands the stage and cast as though she was the President and I felt truly embodied the powerful Eva Peron and her tragic death at such a young age.  The other star, Mr. Martin, was fantastic as a narrarator of sorts, leading the show with his fine voice and charisma.  As Peron, Michael Cerveris was solid, but I felt that this part really limited him in showing his full range.

As for the rest of the show, it was an entertaining version, but nothing that made me want to run out and get another ticket.  If you are a fan of this particular show, you will like it as will fans of Mr. Martin.  Otherwise, I would go see Jesus Christ Superstar again.

EVITA on Broadway