Ghost on Broadway

I have seen the future of Broadway, and it's 3D IMAX.  OK, hang with me here....

Ghost The Musical has recently been transplanted from London to Broadway and it's a technical wonder.  All the backgrounds are digitized, objects fly around seemingly by themselves, images are projected (ghosts) and their favorite effect is the "people mover" on stage that actors are constantly "walking over."  If things do not go right this could be a technical nightmare.  Luckily, everything runs seemlessly and in the process we as a viewer feel like we are watching a live action movie, cinema brought to life.

The story stays true to the hit movie from the 80's that made Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore household names and also resurrected the hit song "Unchained Melody" by the Righteous Brothers.  That song is featured prominently in the musical and has additional orgiginal music penned by 80's hitmaker Glen Ballard and Dave Stewart (half of the duo The Eurythmics).  The additional songs added to the narritive and kept the story moving, but none of them really stuck in my head.  Maybe this was due to the fact that Unchained Melody is so well known and such a huge hit.

The actors were all solid and you felt a real connection between the two leads (Richard Fleeshman and Caissie Levy).  I did get that lump in my throat when Sam died and at the end of the show, it tugs at your heart strings.  I got to see Moya Angela as Oda Mae Brown and she was a hoot!  The most unexpected (and refreshing) performance came from Tyler McGee (Subway Ghost) who channels a full on Eminem performance in teaching Sam how to "move" objects. 

The marriage of good storytelling, performance and technology on display in this musical is going to make this a success.  I suggest everyone get a loved on one and see this show.  As technology advances and is embraced by the theater community more and more the lines will be blurred between live action and cinema.  This is the wave of the future and I am already enjoying the ride. 

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