Do we need a chef Like Wylie Dufresne?

Interesting article in the Times in regards to WD-50 Chef Wylie Dufresne: Wylie Dufresne, Culinary Wizard by Jeff Gordinier

I left the following comment on the article:

I have been to WD-50 a couple times and have always been intrigued by his imagination and creativity.

I think we need a chef like Dufresne to push the envelope, introduce us to new techniques and make them readily available to the common diner. We have become a Top Chef nation watching all these cool gadgets and tricks in use that we would never use in the home. And being on TV, we never get to actually eat and partake of these "made for TV" dishes. In WD-50 we get to actually see such creations, or the inspiration for such creations and try them first hand.

Dufresne has been responsible either directly or indirectly for pushing the new generation of chefs to these new techniques and thinking "outside the box." As a diner we should be thanking him for giving us new ways to look at, think of and eat food. Definitely an underappreciated genius.

Mr. Gordinier also had this article on the upcoming new menu: Because Explorers Need New Horizons
Definitely looking forward to the new menu and having my horizons broadened once again.