Got The Munchies?

Late Night Bites

By Cassaundra Reed

With the warmer weather rolling in, there is going to be a lot more opportunities for late nights.  Staying out until the wee hours of the morning just seems more acceptable when the sun is up until 9pm and the weather is reaching the 80 degree point.  At the end of great night out, stepping into a brightly lit greasy spoon really doesn't have to be the only option!  Here are my top choices for 'after hours' dining.

Your craving for Latin food (with an emphasis on Cuban) can be cured here- 24/7.  From the people behind other Latin favorites Tolache and Yerba Buena, this small hip spot is definitely one of my top choices.  Get the mac and cheese with chicharron and you will not be disappointed.   As an added bonus, a live DJ spins from 11pm-4am on Friday and Saturday nights!

A New York classic with locations in both Tribeca and Brooklyn.  Late nights, Bubby's rolls out their Midnight Brunch menu- which offers everything you would expect with a more sophisticated flair.  With a charming almost southern style this place is perfect at any hour. 

Wo Hop-
A hole in the wall dive Chinese restaurant, I've been frequenting for years.  Wo Hop is as good as it gets when it comes to locals and 'only in New York' experiences. There are actually two dining areas, one on the street level and the other is located in the basement.  Go downstairs!  The basement is where the party is at and full of regulars!  Note: The portions are huge, so you can totally share dishes.

Bowery Diner-
This new-ish spot in the lower east side has all your classic diner favorites and then some.  Order a burger and add kimchi or duck confit or get a 'feel good' shake with your choice of booze.  They offer a little bit of a retro feel with a modern twist on everyone's most desired comfort foods.

Empanada Mama-
So tiny of a spot that it's always packed, but it's worth the wait for a table.  A local favorite for cheap but good food and great sangria!  They offer so many different choices of empanandas an arepas- you'll definitely make the mistake of ordering too many.  Don't forget to save room for dessert- the 'Elvis' is an empanada with peanut butter and banana!

Of course, there is always Gray's Papaya.... Which is great for a $1.50 hot dog and fruit juice- perfect 'after a night out' food!