Australian Ballet in New York City

So I am not a huge ballet fan but I have to say last night I went to see the Australian Ballet Company which is currently on tour and performing in New York City.  They are performing at the David Koch Theater at Lincoln Center and for those of you with some trepidation about ballet, you should go ahead an take the leap with this one.

The show I saw was called Infinity.  This show is divided up into three acts.  The first being a montage of classical ballet and multimedia giving the history of hte Austrailan Bellet Company.  The use of video and audio was an interesting element in telling the story.  Basically cut scenes between the performances, but it helped move the performance along.

The second act agve us a white backdrop with black dots scattered.  The perfance itself felt as if it was jazz visualized, abrubt , choppy movements intermixed with smooth, flowing movements.

The third act was a nod to the Australian outback and indigenous dance.  Native instruments were used as well to add to the feel of it.  You could see the grass swaying in the wind as the dancers mimiced its movements. 

Take some time to introduce yourself to ballet if you never have.  This might make you a fan.

The Australian Ballet Company