Momofuku SSam Bar

There are so many great restaurants here in New York City, too many to ever try in a lifetime, but there are those special few that keep you coming back for more.  Momofuku Ssam is one of them. 

It's so simple feeling, like going into your neighborhood tavern and cozying up to a familiar bar with a drink.  The regular I have here are the Pork Buns though.  The succulent pork framed by crisp skin enveloped by pillowy buns are the food of Gods bestowed on mere mortals.  Yes, these are not like any other pork buns I have tasted.  Yes they also have hoison sauce, but the pickle?  Inspiration.

This visit was also a sea inspired one as I looked to the ocean for sustinance.  I started with the Wild Striped Bass - translucent ribbons of fresh fish.  These were accented by flecks of cilantro leaves and ground green peppercorns.  The spin were the shaved kumquats that added a beautiful balance of citus and bitternes.  More inspiration.

Continuing my walk on the beach I had the Santa Barbara Uni.  In the bowl were presented 3 good sized "tounges" of uni, the briney tasting roe contained inside the underwater porcupine.  Lobes of custardy chanwanmushi and tiney sea beans appeared alongside the uni to tame the sea.

If you have never eaten here, these are but a sampling of the fun and adventureos menu that Mr. Chang has put together.  If you have been here before, maybe it's time to remind your self what inspiration is.