RSVP restaurant

This fun little restaurant/lounge in SoHo has a very clubby feel it.  You could go for dinner and stay for more drinks after.  This is on what I would consider the "lower" end of SoHo, it's almost near Canal Street.  But if you have spent all day shopping or are in the area and looking for a decent place to eat, this is definitely worth looking into.

A very hospitable staff and I was pleasantly surprised bye the quality of the food.  The sunken dining room area feels like you are on stage in a theater in the round, but sometimes you would like to be the center of attention right?

Watermelon, Heirloom tomato salad
Seedless Watermelon rounds, Heirloom tomatoes, organic micro Basil, feta, balsamic glaze, Athena Vinaigrette
Perfect for summer, so refreshing and light.  A perfect way to prepare your palate.

Truffle Mushroom Pizza
Personal size thin crust pizzette sautéed wild mushrooms, Goat cheese, mascarpone, Sheep’s milk ricotta, Arugula, truffle oil, shaved parmesan
Ohhh Man, just all kinds of good on this one.  Nice crispy crust and who doesn't love truffles?  I could have eaten a whole pizza myself

Filet Mignon with a red wine and shallot reduction
This was the least exciting dish for me.  I'm not really crazy about the mignon cut, it was good, I just liked everything else that much more.

Norwegian Salmon Wellington
Farm raised Salmon wrapped in a puff pastry with a Meyer lemon aioli
This is such a great idea.  A nice update on the old standard Beef Wellington and the citrusy aioli was the perfect foil to the fish

Truffle Mac and Cheese
This dish seems to be popping up EVERYWHERE.  But hey, more truffles, I 'm not going to say no.  Well executed and tasty, no oily cheese residue.

RSVP Stuffed French Toast Box
Pecan crusted Brioche stuffed with Maple infused mascarpone and Sheep’s milk Ricotta
A fantastic ending to a fantastic meal, this is their signature brunch dish.  This was so odd looking, yet so good.  Crusty on the outside and sweet goodness on the inside.  Your kids and the child inside you will love this.

15 Watts Street 
near Thompson Street.