Classic Harbor Line

Circle Line Cruises are the mammoth company of tour cruises in NYC. They are a great company and have a great product offering multiple types of tours around the great island of Manhattan, but as Yoda once said "there is another."

A couple of weeks ago I got to take a sunset cruise with this company I had just been introduced to, Classic Harbor Line. Their claim to fame are the 2 sailboat schooners they have in their fleet; The America and Adirondack, the America being the larger of the two. They are conveniently located out of Chelsea Piers, Pier 62. In addition to the sunset cruise, they also offer afternoon cruises.


I approached the ticket booth at Pier 62 and was greeted with a warm smile. Looking that the boat I would be boarding, The America 2.0, I wasn't initially impressed. Maybe because all of it's sails were down. The staff on the boat, excuse me, ship were very friendly and my companion noted good looking too. The ship was full of adults and some groups seemed to be on outings from work. There were no children on the ship, which I liked, as it seemed to play to it's more romantic feel. In addition to the 2 hour tour, the price of the ticket also includes unlimited(within reason) champagne, wine,beer or soda. This is a nice touch and the beer options were all local (Tri-State) options.

I was lucky to have picked a fantastic evening as the weather was absolutely perfect. As we pushed off into the Hudson River I turned back and took in all the glory of Manhattan. Sometimes you forget what an amazing city we live in when you are running from place to place with your head down. Once we got a little ways down the Hudson the sails were raised and the engine was rested, this is the magic moment of Classic Harbor Lines. When you are out on the water with Manhattan as your backdrop on one side and the Statue of Liberty in your bearing, no engine sounds, just the calming splashing of the water, magic.


The Hudson during sunset is dotted with small sailboats and it is really something to be experienced, something that you can't paint with words. This is an experience I highly recommend and would not think twice about doing again given the chance. Try this and thank me later.