Chaplin the Musical quick review

Just saw the new Chaplin musical on Broadway and thought it was great!  This is a winning formula here, an iconic American artist, stellar performances all around and an interesting story.

The show is a biography for the tragic yet celebrated actor, Charlie Chaplin.  Chaplin, who was actually was British, made his fame in America as a star of multiple silent film comedies.  It follows his life from a child actor in London to making big on the Silver Screen in America.  In between we find out about his loves, his losses, and political fights.

As mentioned before I thought the whole cast was strong with Rob McClure doing a dead-on Chaplin and making us really care and fall in love with the man.  Other stand outs were Jenn Collela as Hedda Hopper and Wayne Alan Wilcox as Sydney Chaplin.

Technically what I really thought was cool was how they made it look like you were watching a black and white movie through lighting and costume.  There were little bits of color that stood out like a red rose at certain times.

This is a very entertaining show and I would recommend any fan of Broadway or Chaplin