New York City Helicopter tour

New York Freakin City! There are so many ways to see the city; from the street, underground in the subways, on top of a really tall building, as a postcard view from a boat or a bridge and of course from above ground in the air. No, I'm not talking about that tiny crappy, part plastic-part glass window from your airplane on arrival. Think smaller, think more agile, think Helicopter!

After years of working in NYC and working in the hospitality industry, I finally took the time and opportunity to take a helicopter tour. I have taken the boat tours and the elevators to the top of tall buildings but this was a whole different game. Getting to Pier 6 was a fairly short walk from the Whitehall street subway stop. There is also a small parking lot for passengers taking a car or taxi to the pier. The small office at the pier houses 5 or 6 helicopter companies. I had a reservation with Helicopter Flight Services. They had a nice clean space with multi-lingual employees that attended to all the passengers with care and a bit of humor. There was an informative safety video that played for everyone and then it was out on the Tarmac. Each group got a picture taken infromt of the helicopter(you could purchase these later if you liked them). The helicopter seated one passenger next to the pilot and five more behind them. Bose headphones were provided to each passenger and had a small mic attached so that you could verbally communicate with the whole cabin.

This was such an amazing experience, it's hard to put it into words. The best thing I can do is show you with the following pictures. If you ever have the chance, do not hesitate to take advantage of doing this for you and a loved one. It will be unforgettable!


Thanks to Helicopter Flight Services