Chef's Table at Gordon Ramsay NYC

It's been 5 or 6 years since I last dined at Gordon Ramsey at the London NY and I had the pleasure of dining at the Chef's Table recently.

The restaurant is divided into two main rooms; Maze, the more casual room with a large active bar and the more tranquil and upscale Gordon Ramsay dining room. In addition to those rooms, there is the Chef's Table, this I did not even know about. This is located in the kitchen with a raised spectator view of everything going on. It can seat up to eight and have sat as few as two. The views offered and access to the kitchen staff makes this table a truly special experience in New York City. The staff was extremely accommodating even inviting us on the line to prepare and plate a dish.

The food is described as New French and everything served was phenomenal.  The wine pairing with the food was perfectly complimentary and the service was attentive without being overbearing.  I cannot overstate how great this experience was and it is something that will definitely be something to remember for anyone who gets to experience it.  We even got a surprise visit special person...keep scrolling to the end!

The view from the Chef's Table

Celery Moussaline & celery soup

Cauliflower panna cotta, marinated hamachi & oestra caviar

Foie gras on apricot purée & shaved truffles
Poached Tasmanian sea trout, uni & tempura zucchini flowers
Poached Tasmanian Sea Trout, uni & tempura zucchini flowers

Risotto with fave beans, watercress purée, enoki mushrooms & onion

Preparing sturgeon

Put to work behind the line

Sturgeon with wild rice & parsley purée

Veal tenderloin, truffle jus & celeriac

Triple cream cheese with local honey
Apple tartin

photo courtesy Raita Sawai