East Coast vs. West Coast battle

So I was out in Los Angeles this weekend and I wanted to make my own decision on a monumental battle of East vs. West.

First thing is first, I grew up on the west coast. My favorite football team is a west coast team (Seahawks) and my favorite basketball team was a west coast team (Supersonics - RIP). I continue to favor a lot of west over east and see myself eventually moving back there someday. That being said, I have found some things are inherently better in the east. The first thing that comes to mind is Pizza, you can't match a New York pie with anything on the west coast, you just can't. i grew up eating Pizza Hut, Dominoes, etc. and it was an eye-opener the first time I had a true slice of pizza. The way you fold it up and the grease drips down your arm, classic. Next is public transportation. Despite all the complaints I have about the MTA and fare hikes, there is no other city, especially in the west that can hold a candle to our trains and buses. Finally the hamburger. "What's that" you say? Yes, the hamburger. I'm talking Shake Shack vs. In and Out Burger. The take-out throw down, the battle of the beef.

I'm not going to go into the history and a bunch of facts about the two establishments other than to say they are the two arguably best hamburgers on either coast. Well I am here to throw my napkin into Shake Shack's camp. The In and Out Burger I had was good, but it just wasn't anything special. It didn't have that secret something that a Shake Shack burger has. What that something is, I don't know. I have heard rumors of the burgers being dipped in melted butter and other stories. Whatever it is, it's magic and has not been duplicated according to my taste buds.

So nice try In and Out Burger, but my vote goes to Shake Shack. And all you crazies for In and Out Burger, get thee to a Shake Shack and do your own review. I'll be curious to hear your vote.