The Mystery of Edwin Drood

Now appearing at Studio 54 is the Mystery of Edwin Drood, a musical murder/mystery/comedy that incorporates audience participation to determine the ending.

Drood is based on a Charles Dickens novel of the same name.  This novel was never finished as Mr. Dickens died before he was able to reveal the ending.  The identity of the murderer has been the subject of debate.  Rupert Holmes wrote this theatrical adaption with the audience voting at the end as to the identity of detective and murderer.  Adding to this are a number of interesting characters of which almost any of them could serve as the murderer.

Set in an old Victorian theater, it is a play within a play as we are watching "actors" perform Drood for us.  At first this may seem a bit confusing, but the asides and breaking of character all adds to the hilarity of the show.  And it is laugh out loud funny.  There are strong vocal performances and the music, which can be complex, is handled with seeming professional ease by the whole cast.  Costumes and set are detailed and beautifully rendered.

I really enjoyed this show and would recommend this to a variety of people looking for some entertainment.  This could work for a whole family , a couple on a date or theater newbies.  The fact that the actors break the fourth wall and includes the audience sets its apart from all the other Broadway shows.  Go see this for a fun time and let me know how you voted!