Finale nightclub

The Bowery in the last couple years has reinvented itself as a new destination of sorts with a slew of restaurants openings in addition to the Bowery Hotel. Of course this meant that nightlife, or a re-boot in a way, would follow. Yes there were already drinking establishments that had DJs spinning like R Bar and Katra, but since BLVD and Crash Mansion closed, no "real" clubs.  Now brought to you by the Emm Group in what was the BLVD space you have, Finale.

Just past the Bowery Mission and past the velvet rope you ascend into Finale, a one tier colosseum of drink, dance and debauchery.  Let's stick fun in there too.  Set up like almost like a theater in the round, revelers on the raised level can overlook the main dance floor which is accented by a raised dancer platform.  Dancers decked in day-glo paint and not much else get the crowd in the mood for a party with a laser light show flashing the night away.  Joining them on the this particular night was a robot-type character with bulbs of flashing LEDs built into his hard plastic suit; another spectacle to brag about to your friends.  Just past that, the DJ area is framed for viewing as well - giving you the sense that the owners are very serious about what talent they bring in by putting them up on a stage of sorts for fans to enjoy their music and presence.

The requesite sparklers were going off left and right as patrons ordered bottles of Grey Goose and Corzo tequila.  The crowd was a good mix of suits, hipsters and beautiful people all around.  The space was not small and yet not anywhere near the size of a mega club from days past, it seemed to be a good manageable size.  But like New York real estate, space is precious.  Towards 2AM the place was getting packed like a sardine can and one would be very glad to a have a table and some space to call your own.

Finale is just part of a whole Emm Group operation at the building which also includes the restaurant The General and another club, Bow.  Finale seems to have started off the party right and has a strong foothold for the party scene on Bowery.  For big name DJs playing inspired house and EDM over a top of the line sound system, this is your new party place.