Jekyll & Hyde on Broadway

There is a new production of the well known Gothic musical Jekyll & Hyde at the Marquis Theater. This production features American Idol alum Constantine Maroulis in the title role and R&B singer Deborah Cox as Lucy, the woman of the night that falls in love with Dr. Jekyll. This production is a slick and modern production utilizing quite a bit of multimedia.  In my opinion, it is used in both good and bad ways.

The use of the multimedia for the backdrops and sets is well done and helps to set the mood for both interior and exterior scenes. The use of portraits in the background of the Board of Directors was a nice touch as well.

Another use of multimedia was used in the song "Confrontation".  Here is where I felt it was not used in a good way.   In this version they used a pre-recorded Mr. Hyde where the characters of Henry and Hyde go back and forth fighting each other through song.   In all past productions I have seen of this, the single actor on stage had to switch back and forth between roles in front of the audience and the contrast of the two different characters taking place in front of your eyes played by one actor was a high point of the show for many.   I understand the demand vocally this can be on an actor, but I have seen it done like this in every other production without suffering from quality.  I just felt it was a bit of a cop out whomever's choice it was.

The new version of "Murder, Murder" really didn't do it for me either. I lost that feeling of anxiety and urgency when they changed the arrangement from a quick paced chorus to more of a lethargic funeral dirge.

On the positive side for me, Deborah Cox was fantastic with a strong dramatic presence and vocals to match.  She commands attention whenever she is on the stage and portrays Lucy as strong, yet vulnerable.  Mr. Maroulis continues to make great decisions in choosing roles.  I had previously seen him as the lead in "Rock of Ages" in which he was nominated for a Tony and seemed born to play the role.  In "Jekyll and Hyde" he once again gets to show off his great vocal chops and he seems at ease with his dual roles.

For anyone that is a fan of this show and the music I would recommend seeing this production, you won't be let down. It's worth the price of the ticket just to see Deborah Cox own the stage and it is in a limited run.