Book of Mormon on Broadway

So I finally saw this show that is currently in its 3rd year on Broadway and just opened in London's West End. The year it opened it won the Tony for Best Musical among many other awards. As most great pieces of art it is steeped in controversy, dealing head on with the subjects of acceptance and the Mormon religion. I see why this has been an extremely popular show for the length of it's run and continues to sell out.  The subject matter (Mormon religion) seems almost fantastical, the songs are catchy and the main characters are easy to relate to and identifiable to the audience. In all fairness I should mention I was raised Mormon and while I have not gone to church for years, there are tenants taught that I still adhere to. But from the outside looking in, the story these young men go out and tell to strangers on a daily basis must make some people think Mormons have been smoking some strong stuff.

I digress, the fact is, it is a very entertaining show and funny commentary on the subject of missionaries and the shrinking world around us. If you get the chance, go see the show; if you are so inclined to, read the book and come to your own conclusions. The show is now on tour in the US, so it might be coming to a town near you, I can certainly bet that the missionaries are already there.