First Date on Broadway

First Date is a new musical with a book by Austin Winsberg and music and lyrics by Alan Zachary and Michael Weiner.  This 90 minute show is currently in previews on Broadway until it opens August 8th.   

This fun, and quick hitting musical comedy stars Zachary Levi of NBC's "Chuck" and Krysta Rodriguez of NBC's "Smash" as the two main characters meeting on a blind 'first date.'  Of course awkwardness ensues as all the 'first date' stereotypes are made fun of  including the conversation, religion, the girl's best gay friend and the guy's best macho/lady-killer best friend.

I really liked this show as what is is, an entertaining, light-hearted, modern musical.  It is not a super-glam, show-stopping, mega-show, but sometimes that is not what people are looking for.  There have definitely been people I have suggested this show to that will love this, you might too.  The music has the right mix that takes inspiration from contemporary pop and musical standards.  The running gags are timed to end perfectly and the actors are all perfectly chosen for their roles.  Mr. Levi seems at home as he moved deftly across the stage while singing and Ms. Rodriguez was a powerhouse bith vocally and as an onstage presence.  

 This is a solid  and entertaining show and a perfect evening for a 'first date.'