Pasta and the end of summer...


Again I was hungry in the city.  No, I was starved, wandering the SoHo / NoLita area and had to get off the street.  How is it that a holiday Sunday there are still so many people in the city, crowding the sidewalks and slowing the locals to slow crawl rather than our normal brisk pace.  It can be annoying when you are trapped behind a couple pushing a stroller at sloth speed and you just want to get somewhere else.  I digress and i eventually ended up at Michael White's Osteria Morini. 

Chef White, of Michelin starred Marea, opened this casual Italian a few years back and plans to open an upscale version, Morini Ristorante on the upper East Side soon.  This Morini has continued to be busy since opening and for good reason.  First, it is a great location central to shopping, other restaurants and nightlife.  Second, great food and ambiance.  This is a casual, fun establishment where you can feel comfortable letting your hair down and making noise with friends.  It is filled with wood, brass and black & white framed photos, it looks and feels like home.  On top of that the service is warm and inviting.  

Food tastes and feels like something that has been cooking all day long.  Stick to your belly kind of fare dominates the menu here.  Yes thee are antipasti options to start with like the crostinis but I came for some homemade pasta.  I started with a lightly dressed salad of arugala, peached, speck and Parmesan cheese.  The pasta I had was Garganelli with cream, peas, truffle butter and prosciutto.  So good and satisfying, the pasta was a perfect al dente, the peas added a freshness and prosciutto a  smokiness.  


 I am sometimes reluctant to eat something cream-based like this in summer, but it has been getting colder now and I suppose that Labor day actually marks the end of summer.  This is sad on one hand, but on the bright side it is the start of the greatest of all spectator sports, Football.  An d of course I am talking American Football.  Don't get me wrong, I love soccer and have played it all my life.  But when it come to watching a game, the only one that holds any bit of attention to me is Football and especially the Seattle Seahawks.  I am super excited that we have a great team this year and the fact that the Super Bowl is being held in New York (New Jersey) this year makes this season especially interesting to watch.  Sorry, kinda went on a tangent here but to tie this together Chef Michael White opened Marea, they have good pasta, Chef Michael White is originally from Wisconsin, Green Bay is in Wisconsin, Green bay is know for it's American Football team, the Packers.  See how I wrapped that all up?


Now go have some pasta!