Last Ship on Broadway

The new musical by Grammy winning artist Sting has finally docked on Broadway.  It is called The Last Ship and depending on what you like it may be a rough ride or smooth sailing.  Ok, I promise no more boat jokes.

The story is of lost love, trying to find it again, coming home and realizing where you belong.  It is a story of a young sailor leaving home and coming back 15 years later to find his girl and some surprises.  It takes place in an English seafaring town where life has revolved around the local shipyard and the men that worked there.  It is cliche at times and predictable but entertaining nonetheless.  Performances by the cast were solid with Rachel Tucker making her Broadway debut as Meg (the leading lady) standing out from the rest of the cast.  

Who would I suggest this show to?  Fans of Sting's solo music will enjoy this.  A couple of his hits are even featured in the show.  As for Stings first foray into the Musical world I feel like this a good first attempt.  I hope he will get the bug to do another show in the future.  Also many who enjoyed "Once" on Broadway will enjoy this as well as it evokes the same music sensibility, style, mood and setting.