The Illusionists on Broadway

Just saw The Illusionists at the Marquis Theater and I was entertained.  Come on, who doesn't like magic?  It's puzzling and we as humans want to solve everything, it's entertaining and it's, well, Magic.  The Illusionists are a collective of performers that each specialize in certain types of feats or illusions.  Think the Avengers, but instead of Iron Man or Captain America, you have the Warrior or the Manipulator.  Also included are back up dancers, a live band and a DJ to keep the crowd whipped up into a frenzy.  The main performers display slight of hand, illusions, feats of escaping and more.  The majority of the performances had the right amounts of kitsch, wow and nail-biting.  

The stand-outs for me were Dan Sperry, the Conjurer who was a cross between Marilyn  Manson, Criss Angel, Pee Wee Herman and that annoying punk kid from the Sprint commercials.  He was entertaining, sarcastic and funny while doing more of the slightly morbid tricks.  Emcee duties were handled by both Adam Trent, the futurist, a fresh faced boy-next door/ boy band/ every Broadway lead actor type and Jeff Hobson, the Trickster.  Both had a lot of audience interaction and great banter with the crowd.  The Trickster was a hilarious mash-up of Liberace and Regis Philbin, easily the most entertaining of all the performers and an outright great comedian.  Then there was Yu Ho-Jin, known as the Manipulator, whose slight of hand tricks were absolutely mind-blowing.  I left the theater completely stumped in how he did his act.  

This show is a perfect option for families looking for something to do and should do well with this being the time of year we have the most families in the city.  As mentioned before there is a lot of audience participation so family members could end up on stage.  The show itself is about 2 and a half hours long with one intermission, so perfect for those that get too restless in long shows.

Now playing through January 4th at the Marquis Theater