La Masseria

Yes I have written about the dining scene in the Theater District before and not much has changed in my eyes but I will give you another fantastic option in an area of the city loaded with options but not great ones.  La Masseria (the farm), has been my go to Italian for pre and post theater dining for some time now and I have never received a bad comment about it from guests.  I recently went for a dinner to make sure all is still going well with the restaurant and I am happy to say it still packs them in and for good reason.  The restaurant has a nice warm feel and it conveys the farmhouse theme with the exposed wood beams, wrought iron fixtures and stucco walls.  

When it comes to food, you are not short changed either.  Start with the fried strips of zucchini, lightly salted and seasoned with lemon juice to go along with the rustic bread and lentils poached in olive oil.  To start I had a beef carpaccio that had a nice mineral taste topped with a perfectly dressed rugola salad and hearts of palms.  This was followed by a "secret" dish you have to try if it is available, the truffle gnocchi.  Imagine soft, heavenly pillows of gnocchi that almost melt in your mouth topped with shaved truffles like fallen angels wings imparting a distinct earthy taste and smell like only truffles can do.  I died and went to heaven.  This was followed with a black bass that had a beautiful tomato ragu and nice saltiness added from olives.  There is nothing you can go wrong with here at La Masseria.  

Take my advice and head here whether you are seeing a show or not, it is worth the trip and a whole lot cheaper than a plane ticket to the Italian countryside.