The Best Movie Theater in NYC

Every man wants his cave with the latest technology and a wall sized screen.  However, New York City is not practical in terms of apartment sizes for private theaters in home.  I have found a cure for that itch, well in terms of big screen movies anyway.  

I used to love the iconic Zeigfeld Theater but I have now found a new favorite and I am going to share it with you.  On the Upper West Side there is an AMC movie theater at 84th street and Broadway that is the best place to see the latest movies hands down.  Here is what they offer:

1. A big screen movie experience (ok, it is a movie theater)

2. Cup holders of the best quality to hold those ginormous drinks

3. Reserved seating - so you don't have to get there extra early of the best seats

4. And wait for it...Lay-Z-Boy reclining seats!

Yes you read that last point correctly, Lay-Z-Boy recliners in a movie theater.  This is the greatest thing ever and I plan to spend a few of the upcoming sweltering New York City summer days in an air conditioned movie theater watching the latest summer blockbuster in the comfort of a recliner.

While I understand the economics of this will keep the movie industry from building more of these types of theaters (you can get way more of the standard non-reclining seats in a theater) I do hope they will try to make a couple more of these premium seating theaters more available.  

Enjoy the tip and see you at the movies!