Foursquare, I'm done with you

As I am sure you have heard Foursquare has changed to a new model.  Once the darling of the digital check in, Foursquare has decided to create a completely new app for check ins and keep Foursquare only for reference.  The new check in app, Swarm, has been less than well received.  The question is why change everything when you have created a industry standard app?  It is still a bit confusing to me why they have decided to do this.  I suppose smarter people than me have their reasons.  However, I have decided I am not going to move to Swarm and I am going to transfer my Lists to Evernote.  The Lists feature on Foursquare was my favorite thing about the app.  Basically a book marker for places I wanted to go too. 

I would be interested in others feedback regarding this and what, if anything you will do.  I find this article by Peter Shankman here interesting.  It gives more insight to dropping Foursquare.