Noreetuh - quick take

Whenever a new Hawaiian restaurant opens in New York City I take notice.  Yes because I am part Hawaiian but also because there are so few of them.  Just opening recently Noreetuh bills itself as a casual Hawaiian inspired restaurant from three guys that worked together at Per Se.  It is a small two room affair with a small bar in the East Village.  Here are my initial reactions.  And to be fair I will return after a month or so to let them get into their groove:  

  • lots of wood and minimal feel to it
  • currently only beer, wine and sake
  • The poke was hands down my favorite.  Definitely had a classic poke taste with big chunks of tuna, crushed macadamia nuts and different types of seaweed.  Jalapenos were a great touch and added some zing. 
  • Monkfish liver was a close second, almost like a dessert with the sweetness from the fruit. 
  • Also was a fan of the musubi
  • Fluke was moist and had a great crunch and taste from the mochi, great idea
  • Pineapple dessert: impressive looking but really sweet, where do you get the baby pineapples? 
  • Why do they have such a big bathroom in such a small restaurant?