Magician at NoMad

I have always had somewhat of a fascination of magicians, trying to figure out how they did it and loving the whole spectacle of the show.  But then there is always the stigma of the cheesy magician with the bad tricks.  You mention a magic show to a guest and you get either a response of disgust or one of wonderment.  

Currently there is a Magician in house at the NoMad Hotel performing most weekends in an intimate space on the second floor.  His name is Dan White and you can see him on Youtube and his own site here.  He has worked with David Blaine, been featured on commercials and is downright awesome when it comes to magic.

 As you are seated in the space you are given cocktail menus and what may be the best popcorn I have ever tasted.  It is served mixed with truffle flavoring and what amounts to chicken chicharrones.  I must have ate 2 bowls of it myself.  I feel the show is geared more towards adults with a lot of audience participation and tasty mixed drinks.  The  drinks come in some fantastic vessels like a copper pineapple.  I suppose kids are welcome but I would only recommend it for teens or older.  

The show itself was about 90 minutes with an intermission.  I am now at a loss for words as my mind was totally blown by the stuff Mr. White did.  There was a lot of slight of hand and illusion stuff, how it was done, I don't know.  You try to watch closely but things appear where they shouldn't and it really does amaze you.  I don't want to give anything away other than I highly recommend the show.  Especially for a couple or someone that wants something to do as an alternative to a Broadway show.  I want to go again and can't wait to share it with friends and guests of mine.