Oakley Store

Dropping some cool concierge knowledge:

Hey I know Summer is winding down but I wanted to share something really cool that I have been introduced too.  The Oakley Store on Fifth Avenue that has been open just over a year can make custom sunglasses on the spot!  It will literally take you longer to decide on all the options than it takes to get the actual sunglasses made. 

There are  different frame choices, lens choices and other little splashes of personality depending on the frames chosen.  I chose a cool matte black frame with little flourishes of chrome; understated elegance.  And I had them in less then 5 minutes!  The staff is great and super patient so you can get your shades just right.  

In addition to the custom sunglasses they can also do prescription sunglasses and they offer a full clothing line, ski & snowboard goggles, performance glasses, backpacks and more.   



New York, NY 10013, USA