What happened to all the good original stories?

I just read an article for Boy Genius Reports (http://bgr.com/2016/08/23/ben-hur-movie-reviews-hollywood-ideas/ ) that talked about the amount of summer box office duds this year.  Included are the Independance Day sequel and the re-make of Ben Hur.  It's a good point that it seems like we are just being fed recycled storylines or "prequels" these days.  They feel so unispirational and just "crancked-out" by the Hollywood machine.  I think a major reason for this is fantastic programming from providers like Netflix, HBO, AMC, etc.  They are providing the public with imaginative and fresh ideas via their original programming.   

Hollywood needs to step up their game and don't be afraid to take chances.  Stop giving us the stuff we have already seen or keep watching your audience choose to Netlix and chill rather than go to the movies.