M Butterfly - quick take

Beautiful, yet sparse.  Simple, yet complex.  The new production of avid Henry Hwang's M. Butterfly, currently in previews at the Cort Theatre, are these and more.  Directed by Julie Taymor (Lion King, Spiderman Turn off the Dark) this production uses multiple panels as the only backdrops and set pieces, putting more focus on the stellar acting taking place on stage.

This is a story of a French Diplomat that falls in love with a Chinese Opera singer while working in China.  The action starts with the Diplomat recalling over the and over the details that led him to be imprisoned in his home country.

Clive Owen passionately plays the French Diplomat, Renee Gallimard who may be imprisoned in his own mind.  Jin Ha plays his butterfly and obsession, Song Liling, with grace and ferocity.  

I recommend beautifully presented update to a classic that will make you think twice about perceptions and reality.




New York, NY 10013, USA