Gulliver’s Gate

Do you remember the story by Jonathan Swift; Gulliver’s Travels?  Or maybe you are a fan or miniatures and Lionel model trains.  If so I have just the place for you.

Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges

Grand Central Terminal

In the heart of Times Square there is a fantastic miniature wonderland representing not only New York City, but many places around the world. These are all represented and laid out for you at Gulliver’s Gate.  So what is it exactly?  It’s best described as an on-going exhibition of major landmarks of the world.  They are all represented in miniature form and in great detail with numerous staged vignettes.  The majority of these “scenes” are static but some of them move with the turn of the magic key given at check-in.  These are clearly marked by lit up boxes located on the railings.  These will activate a helicopter in manhattan, Skiers down the Alps, concerts in London and even an old lady feeding chickens.  The challenge for some of them is finding exactly what some of them activate from all the scenes laid out before you.  It’s a fun little game and is a great way to interact with the exhibition. 

Museums and Macy's Parade

My a favorite part was just looking at the great detail and little pieces that may go unnoticed unless O’Neil really looking hard.  They could easily put together a “Where’s Waldo” type scavenger hunt with all the random little things that are placed in the exhibition.  For instance, try finding the crouching tiger-like flying fighters in the Chinese Village.  Or the Totem Pole in the Alaska Airport scene. And with New York City so well represented it is fun just trying to name all the notable landmarks.  There is even the Roosevelt Island Tram (hint, look up).

Oculas & 9/11 Memorial

Times Square & The High Line

Finally here is one of the coolest things, you can step into a 3D Pinter and have your likeness created in three different sizes to take home with you!  The detail on these statues like everything else in absolutely incredible and when you get one done you also get a miniature version of you to place somewhere in the Gulliver’s Gate exhibition.

Chinese village

The detail and scope of this fantastic exhibition is one that warrants a visit to excite, entertain and educate both young and old.  Go and see what you can find at Gulliver's Gate!

Ankor Wat

Taj Mahal

Arc D' Triomphe