Tootsie the musical


80s nostalgia has been peaking its head lately. Not too long ago we had American Psycho on Broadway, Ready Player One in books and theaters and even some video games are reverting back to 80s pixelated looks. Tootsie, a hit movie in the 80’s for Dustin Hoffman has just began previews on Broadway in a musical form.  This is a reimagined Tootsie for the “Me Too” age and instead of taking place in an office like the movie, it is taking place on Broadway fulfilling the dreams for the out of work actor Michael Dorsey (aka Dorothy Michaels).  

This is a fun and light-hearted musical comedy that doesn’t take itself too seriously.  It still has the standard tropes of the sleazy Director, a good looking but less than bright beefcake, lazy writer/best friend and hanger on ex-girlfriend.  Tootsie all in all is fun escapism and treat for all audiences.