Limoncello in Amalfi


I knew Limoncello as that clear shot of lemon flavored Windex given to me at the end of an Italian meal.  I was told it is a digestif. It is something that will help with the digestion of all the food I just ate.  I always did it as a shot, thinking it is like an Italian version of jäegermeister.

I arrived late in  Amalfi and after my first dinner I received a small glass of chilled and gold colored liquid.  Ah, here is my limoncello, but this was different.  It was straight from the freezer cold, velvety smooth and more like fresh spewed lava viscous than any I have ever had.  My curiosities were all answered the next day when I took a Limoncello class at Amalfi’s Antichi Sapori Di Amalfi.

This experience was fantastico. It was only a group of six and they had personalized stations for us to actively participate. This was very educational and well presented, definitely a family run business and experience. Our host, Vittorio, gave clear explanations on the business of limoncello making and interesting stories of his family and the Amalfi area.  We were gifted with different types of tastings and one of the most moist and flavorful lemon cakes I have ever had.  In return you also get to participate in a bit of the limoncello making process.  It will not take too long out of your schedule and it was well worth the time if you are curious at all about limoncello, what goes into making it and enjoying it properly. I learned that limoncello is very indigenous to the Amalfi Coast.  

This is what Vittorio and his family do and have been doing for generations. This is their life and their passion; they specialize in this golden liquid and they are experts in their field.  It is so special that they are offering this opportunity to share this with strangers. If you have a chance I highly recommend doing this, if you enjoy it grab me some of the creamy limoncello.

FYI - this was booked on AirBnB Experiences

Antichi Sapori di amalfi