Derren Brown: Secret

Are you wanting a night out on Broadway but looking for something different than the normal play or musical? Now on performing on Broadway, Derren Brown: Secret just might be it.

What is the Secret? I can not tell you but what I can say is this was an entertaining and thought provoking 2 and a half hours. Mr. Brown is an illusionist, a mind reader a performer and more. He currently has three specials on Netflix dealing with psychological manipulation, myth debunking and social experiments. I watched one before the show and it accurately depicts some of the psychological programming and manipulation he brings to light on stage. It is a one man show and Mr. Brown uses the audience throughout the show.

Some of the elements reminded me of the Magician at The NoMad, but this being in a Broadway theater it is on a much larger scale. Mr. Brown does well to keep the crowd interested and engaged throughout the show.

I highly recommend this show to anyone looking for an entertaining and thought provoking evening on Broadway. The only hesitation is If English is not understood well I would go a different direction.

Secret is scheduled to play through January 4, 2020. Go enjoy and get ready to have your mind blown!