I was a vegetarian for two weeks...It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. Maybe it’s because I live in New York City and here you have numerous non-meat options when it comes to dining. During the two weeks I had a superior burger, an impossible burger, a Beyond Meat burger and multiple falafels. I also rediscovered a love for roasted vegetables; the beautiful and magic caramelization of a a cauliflower, a broccoli or a brussel sprouts. I found out just how much grains like freekeh and couscous can fill you up. I ordered and tried dishes I would never have tried before while on the diet like a hummus taquito. I felt like I gained more energy for my workouts and I definitely became for regular with my “movements.”

After two weeks I did go back slowly starting with grilled fish and eventually working back up to a steak (which was so delicious.). Would I do it again, maybe for a limited time like that. Would I ever completely give up meat, no. But I have learned that it is not hard to do, it’s easier than one would think and it showed me that you don’t have to have meat for every meal.


Some of my New York City Vegetarian suggestions:

Dirt Candy 86 Allen Street (Broome & Grand) - (212) 228-7732)

abcV38 East 19th Street - (212) 475-5829

Nix72 University Place - (212) 498-9393

Kajitsu  – 125 East 39th  Street (bet. Park & Lexington Avenues) - (212) 228-4873