Violet- Grilled Pizza in the East Village

Have you had grilled Pizza? Violet, is the latest restaurant in the Emmy Squared pizza empire. They are located in Alphabet City and the grilled pizza is out of this world good. Try the traditional, Classic with havarti and tomato sauce, the savory Aloha with pineapple and peppered bacon (of course I had to get this one) and save room for the sweet and almost dessert like Emily with pistachios and honey. Al are served with scissors to cut your own slice. All taste vastly different from each other and all of them are fantastic.

Also try their meatballs which comes in a dish of three. They were covered in sauce and dense with flavor from the meat, cheese and bread.

The menu also has a hamburger which I may try next time and a multitude of other appetizer size dishes.

The space feels like one of those old pubs, only a little nicer and they also have a full bar.

If you find yourself in Alphabet City and are hungry this is a great option to keep near the top of your list.