Violet- Grilled Pizza in the East Village

Have you had grilled Pizza? Violet, is the latest restaurant in the Emmy Squared pizza empire. They are located in Alphabet City and the grilled pizza is out of this world good. Try the traditional, Classic with havarti and tomato sauce, the savory Aloha with pineapple and peppered bacon (of course I had to get this one) and save room for the sweet and almost dessert like Emily with pistachios and honey. Al are served with scissors to cut your own slice. All taste vastly different from each other and all of them are fantastic.

Also try their meatballs which comes in a dish of three. They were covered in sauce and dense with flavor from the meat, cheese and bread.

The menu also has a hamburger which I may try next time and a multitude of other appetizer size dishes.

The space feels like one of those old pubs, only a little nicer and they also have a full bar.

If you find yourself in Alphabet City and are hungry this is a great option to keep near the top of your list.



I was a vegetarian for two weeks...It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. Maybe it’s because I live in New York City and here you have numerous non-meat options when it comes to dining. During the two weeks I had a superior burger, an impossible burger, a Beyond Meat burger and multiple falafels. I also rediscovered a love for roasted vegetables; the beautiful and magic caramelization of a a cauliflower, a broccoli or a brussel sprouts. I found out just how much grains like freekeh and couscous can fill you up. I ordered and tried dishes I would never have tried before while on the diet like a hummus taquito. I felt like I gained more energy for my workouts and I definitely became for regular with my “movements.”

After two weeks I did go back slowly starting with grilled fish and eventually working back up to a steak (which was so delicious.). Would I do it again, maybe for a limited time like that. Would I ever completely give up meat, no. But I have learned that it is not hard to do, it’s easier than one would think and it showed me that you don’t have to have meat for every meal.


Some of my New York City Vegetarian suggestions:

Dirt Candy 86 Allen Street (Broome & Grand) - (212) 228-7732)

abcV38 East 19th Street - (212) 475-5829

Nix72 University Place - (212) 498-9393

Kajitsu  – 125 East 39th  Street (bet. Park & Lexington Avenues) - (212) 228-4873

The Ribbon Midtown


The Bromberg Brothers have done it again. Located in the space vacated by Guy Fieri on 44th street in the heart of the Theater District is the newest hit from those responsible for Blue Ribbon, Blue Ribbon Sushi, Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken and more. The menu focuses on American staples and comfort food as well as contemporary twists on classics. You can find a amazing deviled eggs, a classic French dip, steak, seafood and even a “Beyond” burger.


As you walk in you have a busy bar on your left that has an incredible happy hour; 8pm - Midnight. Stop by for a nightcap after your Broadway show! The main restaurant is a few steps up featuring antiqued wood to give a warm welcome feel. The restroom area is wallpapered with retro menus to continue with the throwback feel.

Another feature they have is their lounge/club downstairs, Blue. This is an homage to the old club days complete with caricatures of famous New York musicians, think of a rock n’ roll/hip hop version of Sardi’s walls. Blue will be doing nightly programming with DJs and performances by musical artists as well as others like magicians.




Time Out Market New York


Attention anyone going to DUMBO there is a brand new food market with vendors curated by TIME OUT NY and it is chock full of choices. I am talking David Burke with his clothesline bacon, Clinton Street Bakery with the famous pancakes, elevated Mexican from iconic Ivy Stark, burgers from Pat LaFreida and more.

This multi level food market also has a couple bars, a performance space and nice terrace with fantastic views of the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges as well as Manhattan itself. With ours from 8am to 11pm (Midnight on the weekend) you can have breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks and everything else in between and not repeat a meal.