A Gentleman's Guide To Love and Murder

Quick thoughts to "A Gentleman's Guide..."

A Gentleman's Guide To Love and Murder is a new Broadway musical that takes place in what looks to be 1800's London.  The story follows the events of a young man who finds out that he is heir to a great fortune, with only eight others in front of him before he is able to cash in.  "Getting rid" of these eight is what enues in this clever and entertaining show.  With the feel of of Downton Abbey mixed with the recently closed Mystery of Edwin Drood, this is one of those shows that I feel would be suited better for an Off-Broadway run.  I feel these days Broadway audiences expect more of a spectacle when it comes to musicals.  The big, show-stopping numbers, the huge elaborate sets, etc.  This is a great show and very entartaining, but can be just as much on a smaller scale and in a smaller theater.  


 The only directoral issue I had was with the casting of the lead, Bryce Pinkham, as Monty Navarro.  First I would like to say Mr. Pinkham is a fine actor and singer and put in a great performance.  My thought though is, why not cast more of "every-man" who progressivly, with each kill becomes more and more of a leading man type.  I want to initially sympathize with Monty Navarro's plight and cheer him on each step he gets closer to winning the jackpot.  I want to see him physically as well as emotionally getting stronger  and more sure of himself with each kill.  With Mr. Pinkham, he is so good looking and such a prescence that I did not really care if he got the prize or the girl.  Think Rick Moranis in "Little Shop of Horrors."  We love and root for him because he is the underdog, audiences love underdogs.

 With all that in mind, as I mentioned, this is a fun and clever show with a cast putting in strong performances all around.  Take a look yourself and let me know what you think.