Mighty Quinn's BBQ!!!!

It's BBQ Season

 Yummmm!  Summer is around the corner and with it comes the possibilities of cook outs and general carousing outdoors.  When I think of outdoor food, BBQ always comes to mind.  

Years ago I had the chance to go to Memphis in May and try a bunch of BBQ, among them the well known Rendezvous down the alley across from the Peabody Hotel.  My mind and taste buds were opened up to a whole new world and since then I have been trying to find the perfect BBQ in NYC.  A new entry into this battle is found in the East Village, Mighty Quinn's BBQ.  


Walking into Mighty Quinn's you get smacked in the face with the scent of smoke, oh baby this is gonna be good!  This is a casual establishment where you line up at the counter and choose your flavor of choice.  They have brisket, pulled pork and I tried the spare ribs.  The spare ribs were perfect with a crispy crust and juicy, smoky meat.  The brisket had the perfect amount of fat and flavor.  Both were finished with a sprinkling of sea salt.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it.  

In addition to all the fantastic meat products they have a great selection of sides like pickles, sweet potato casserole and slaws.  I love the fact that you have a choice between mayo or vinegar based slaws to pick from here, nice touch.  There is also a nice selection of independent beers on tap or in the bottle.  

You do have to fight for a place to eat at times, so it's best to avoid the busiest times, but in the end it will be worth it.