Keoniinthecity goes to ... Boston


Boston - a beautiful city with so much American history and culture.  I loved the small neighborhoods and the fact that the city retains so many of its historical buildings rather than tear them down to build new ones.  Boston has a little bit of everything there; from a Little Italy to Chinatown, sports crazed fans to super intellectuals at Harvard and MIT, and historical relics to inspired architecture.  Being able to step back into time via "Old Ironsides" and walking up Bunker Hill.  Eating classics like New England Clam Chowder, Boston Creme Pie and the wealth of oysters available locally.    Walking the Quad at Harvard.  These are a few of the fun and interesting things that I got to do during a quick visit.  


Sam Adams brewery offers a great tour of one of their breweries.  Our guide was extremely entertaining and knowledgeable.  You also get to sample beer, can keep tasting glasses and get one of their perfect pints for the cost of a pint of beer. 

Paul Revere's tombstone

Ornate old churches as well as multiple graveyards containing famous patriots lend character and mystique to "Beantown"  

USS Constitution

USS Constitution

Boston is home to the USS Constitution,  better known as "Old Ironsides" due to the cannonballs that bouced off of it's hull.  There is also Bunker Hill where the tide of the Revolutionary War turned.  While it was a loss for the Colonists, the toll taken on the British army proved too much in the end.

Bunker Hill Memorial

And a little bit of the new...

Proof that our forefathers had a sense of humor; John Hancock's gravestone

Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Memorial Bridge   

Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Memorial Bridge