La Soiree - For Adults Only!!

Hey kids, did you hear the Circus is in town?  No, I'm not talking about the Big Apple Circus, even though yes that is in town and great fun for the whole family.  No, I am taking about the "adult" circus taking place at Union Square Theater.  This combination of burlesque, circus and cabaret is called La Soiree.  

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This is definitely an all-adult affair with the subject matter, entendres and amount of skin shown, but if you are ok with that it can be a great time.  Right away you are put in the mood by the Ringmaster of sorts letting you know you can get up at anytime to get a drink at the bar, however, I found myself riveted to my seat for most of the performances.  All of them are a play on standard circus-type acts, albeit with a sexy twist.  You have magicians, jugglers, gymnasts, lounge singers and more, but there is plenty of more to see than just the acts.  And while the sexiness and some nudity may seem to be a gimmick, these are true professionals here.  The feats of physical ability displayed can be at the same time unnerving and breathtaking.  Special mention goes to the English Gents and the Bath Boy, girls and boys(!) will especially love their acts.  

Also be warned, there is a lot of audience participation so don't bring your shy friends (or bring them and maybe they will break out of their shells), this is truly an experience meant to be shared by a group.  Go see it now, tickets can be had for only $30!  It's a super fun and entertaining start to the night.