2017 is here and the craziness of the holidays have past.  I am looking forward to sharing more this year and am starting with the first restaurant I have visited this year, Mamo.  Mamo is in SoHo and is an off-shoot of the original in Antibes.  They bill them selves as  Italian hospitality and Provençal charm in NYC.  It is a perfect Italian spot for those looking for a respite from shopping or for someone looking to celebrate a special occasion (they serve lunch and dinner daily).  

Truffle Pizza

Truffle Pizza

As soon as I walked in the door I was greeted and led upstairs.  There is a beautiful bar (with beautiful staff to match) and a well laid out dining room.  Whitewashed exposed brick and ceiling beams add to the warmth and charm of the space.  The tables are a good size, not too close to each other and the chairs are super comfy; all following the white theme.

Rabbit stuffed with foie gras & spinach and gnocchi with a ragu

Rabbit stuffed with foie gras & spinach and gnocchi with a ragu

The menu is varied and something for all palates and restrictions.  The big draw and a transplant from the Antibes menu is the Focaccia al Tartufo (Truffle Pizza!)  Anyone that comes to Mamo has to get this.  It is a white pie with cheese and shavings of truffles, simple yet decadent.  

Their homemade gnocchi came with a meat ragu.  It is a stick to your ribs kind of dish and perfect for the cold night.  The gnnochi were like heavenly little pillows, so light ad they practically melted in my mouth.  The ragu was nicely balanced; meaty with a tiny bit of acidity.

To try something different I went with the leg of rabbit stuffed with bits of foie gras and spinach.  The leg was moist and the added flavor (fat) from the foie gras was nice.  This was a nicely executed dish but the least favorite of the ones I tried.

For dessert I went simple again with some warmed strawberries over vanilla ice cream.  Cream and berries; Perfect.  Finish with a cordial glass of Limoncello and your escape is complete.  

In summary, you have a warm space, congenial service and fantastic execution of simple dishes (which can be hard to do).  Keep Mamo in mind when you are in SoHo or looking for a great place to spend time with friends or family.