Guest Experience

What's Your Guest Experience Story?

Working in the service industry I am constantly looking for ways to elevate the bar on service for my guests.  I love hearing stories of outstanding guest experiences and I draw inspiration and ideas from these shared stories.  

One such experience happened to me when I was quite young.  I have never forgotten the time when I was travelling with my father, brother and sister.  This instance of amazing service has stayed with me till this day.  I don't recall all the exact details (my father could probably elaborate more), but we had been driving all night and us three kids were starving.  We drove into a city and the first place we came across was a doughnut shop.  As my father pulled the car in we came to find out they had just closed for the evening.  The proprietor, seeing that my single father had three young kids that were hungry re-opened the shop, fired up the fryer and made us a fresh batch of doughnuts.  This gentleman had been working all day and was ready to go home, yet when he saw an opportunity to help a family, he grabbed it and filled our bellies.  I am sure he knew he would never see us again as we were just passing through, yet he still made the right decision to assist the guest as best he could.

Share some of your best guest service experiences.  I would love to hear them and I'm certain others would as well.