Marea revisited

Marea restaurant on Central Park South between Broadway and Seventh Avenue is really one of those special places people always talk about.  The seafood there is so good and service spot on. if you could afford it you would go again and again.  It's not cheap but if you would like to splurge (Valentine's Day) on that special someone, this is a place to do it. 

When you go I would highly recommend a couple dishes; the Geoduck and the Fusilli Pasta.  

Fresh Geoduck from  Underground Eats

Fresh Geoduck from Underground Eats

The crudo Vongole is that forever phallically stigmatized member of the clam family known as Geoduck.  This strange looking species abundant in the Northwest is pronounced "gooey-duck" and is dug out from deep sand beds.  At Marea it  is served sashimi style with fresh chilies, lemon and hearts of palm.  This has a fresh ocean taste perfectly accented by the heat of the chilies and the acidity from the lemon.  The hearts of palm lent a nice textural contrast.  This is the first time I have had geoduck and look forward to having more.

From  Serious Eats : New York

From Serious Eats : New York

The Fusilli Pasta is probably Marea's best know dish, and for good reason.  This corkscrew-like pasta is served with a hearty tomato based sauce and accompanied by decadent globules of bone marrow and perfectly braised octopus.  Serious Eats : New York has a fantastic breakdown on the making of the dish here.  This heaven in your mouth and this time of year, it's a great dish for those cold winter days.