Go West for food...


On the western edge of Hell's Kitchen, err, I mean Clinton, lies the newest food market to join the likes of Chelsea Market. Eataly and the the Plaza Food Hall.  This one is called Gotham West Market.  

Gotham West Market is a mini version of Chelsea Piers and definitely focused on the food, offering a number of different food options, a small bookstore and kitchen equipment store.  It is housed on the ground floor of a residential building on 11th Avenue between 44th and 45th streets.  So yes, this is pretty far over.  And if you are not living in the area, this is going to be a hike from the nearest subway (the A, C, E at 42nd Street).  The question is, "is it worth the hike?"  In my opinion, no.  This is a long schlepp from anywhere unless you happen to live upstairs (there apparently are still apartments available ) or in the vicinity of a 2 block radius.  However, I can definitely see myself in the summertime stopping by for a bite to eat say if I was biking up Hudson River Park.


That being said, for those of you pining for Ivan Ramen, this is currently the only location open (there is another in the works in the East Village.)  Ivan ramen is very good, and I would definitely like to try more of his other offerings.  I had the Shio Ramen, which was at the perfect salt level and dense with umami.  The Negi Salad was a nice counterpoint to cut through the delicious mouthfeel.  

I followed the ramen with a Blue Bottle Coffee espresso, in my opinion the best espresso in NYC.  You really have to try this to believe the fantastic flavor of this coffee, notes of berries are definitely there on the finish.  Nothing like a burned Starbucks espresso.   


Following are the current food options at the Gotham West Market:

  • Blue Bottle Coffee
  • Brooklyn Kitchen
  • The Cannibal
  • El Comando
  • Genuine Roadside
  • Court Street Grocers Sandwich Shop
  • Ivan Ramen
  • Little Chef
  • and Velo Bike Shop