Market Driven

The East Pole

This sister restaurant to the popular Lower East Side restaurant, Fat Radish, is located on the Upper East side.  They offer farm to table American fare that makes you feel good and that you can feel good about.  They share their sustainability values right on the back of the menu with a New York State map showing where ingredients came from. The dining room seems small but comfortable with earthy tones and nice lighting at night provided by a variation of the Edison bulb.  

Food and drink were both excellent and service was warm.  Carrots with honey and cumin were fork tender and had a nice spice and sweetness.  Buttermilk fried chicken was crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside (even the white meat).  That came sauced with a sweet honey jus to add more flavor.   The Vermont old fashion had the perfect balance of sweet, smokey and just a hint of bitterness from the citrus.  I also had raw oysters that came with a strong , but very tasty mignonette and a fantastic appetizer special of mussels, chorizios and beans.  I pleaded with them to make that a regular menu dish so I could order it in the future, it was that good.

I can't wait to go back to East Pole, this is one of these places that you could pop in any night of the week and find something great to eat.  Check it out.