Museum Hack

Museum HACK!

New York City is a a city of museums.  There are more than 80 here.  And for the majority of the population and visitors to NYC, one of those museums are not on the top of their "Must-Do" lists.  But maybe that is because we have been stuck in a rut of how to experience the museums.  Enter Museum Hack, a museum tour company for people who don't like museums.  

The guides at Museum Hack have "hacked" the museum experience to make it more streamlined and interesting for the Millenial crowd.  They give the juicy gossip or back story that you never hear about.  They point out the interesting pieces that you may have missed before and explain why you should be interested in them.  They make you take an ugly selfie and perform a tableau of famous paintings.  They are energetic and extremely knowledgeable about the museums the hack.  They know the secret bathrooms with shorter lines!

They are currently doing tours on different subjects at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the American Museum of Natural History.  I took one of the Met tours and had a fantastic time, I highly recommend them.