Pippin on Broadway

Welcome to the circus of your mind. A revival of the musical Pippen has started previews on Broadway. The cast includes Broadway veterans Terrance Mann as Charlemagne, Charlotte D'Amboise and Andrea Martin. The Lead Player role made famous by Ben Vereen is played by a female in this production, exceptionally done so by Patina Miller.

The story is of Pippen, next in line to the throne, who looks for meaning in his life. He tries ruling the world, the sins of the flesh and at the end finds that all he needs is simple companionship without all the lights, hair and makeup of the stage.  At the end we see the cycle continuing with the boy starting a rendition of Pippen's song, "Corner in the sky."  This is not a deep, substance filled story by any means, but the way it is told is the important thing.  The cast of players are phenomenal performers and they are highlighted by the feats of acrobatics the like of which are rarely seen.

This is a show that has been a long time coming.   A favorite among many theater buffs who have been waiting at the bit for it's return to Broadway.  The performance I saw: the Leading Player invoked the character of the Emcee in Cabaret, sexy, entertaining and evil all at the same time.  Andrea Martin as the Grandmother had a show stopping standing ovation.  The breaking of the Fourth Wall came often and was a lot of fun for the audience in a day and age where everyone wants to be "on camera."

This show and production in particular is great for those that love that 70's tinged music, are looking for something fresh on Broadway, looking for a spectacle and want to have an upbeat great time. With more than a few sexual undertones I might be reticent to recommend it to families, but older or mature teens would be fine. On the other hand, those suggestive moves could go right over younger children's heads, so I would leave it up to the parent.  That said, I would definitely recommend this show to anyone looking for a great time and  a Broadway show with a little bit of everything: quality acting, great music, fantastic sets and eye-popping choreography.