Whitney Biennial 2017


The yearly show opens to the public on Friday, March 17 and it is a sight for the eyes and ears.  With a heavy dose of video and audio the biennial really moves into the present time.  There are short movies, that take you to beautiful lush islands, a 3D movie about the senses a hyper-violent immersive experience in Virtual Reality, video using iPhones, numerous films and more.  There are paintings using standard media and thoughtful pieces using sunlight through the windows.  There is a large installation of a manuscript asking for censorship.  There are pieces that address relevant social issues.  

This is an entertaining and thought provoking opening and a great way to spend a morning or afternoon.  Enjoy! 


Jeff Koons at the Whitney Museum


The Jeff Koons: A Retrospective exhibit at the Whitney Museum explores a whole wealth of art by the modern American artist from the extravagant to the mundane.  The Whitney has dedicated the majority of the museum to this major exhibition spanning his professional lifetime and including pieces from various exhibits from over the years.  While there are x-rated pieces(that are separated by signage) the majority of the collection is family friendly and inspiring to all ages.

Cat on a Clothesline 1994-2001

Metallic Venus 2012

Koons produced most of his major work in New York City and is best known for his reproductions of banal objects like balloon animals produced in stainless steel or other metallic colors with mirror finishes.  This has made him loved by some critics and loathed by others.  I personally love the playfulness in all his art and his creativity in presenting everyday things in a new way.  There are a lot of underlying sex as well as other "hidden" messages in many of his works.  Take a close look at the Luxury and degradation series for examples.

Olive Oyl 2003

Michael Jackson and Bubbles 1988

Balloon Dog  1994

Here is but a small taste of the fun and thought-provoking art by Mr. Koons on display at this exhibit

Rabbit 1986

Pink Panther 1988

Wall relief with Bird 1991


JEFF KOONS official website