Fountain Pen Hospital

image via Yelp!

image via Yelp!

With all the digital media and devices we have on ourselves these days you may wonder do I really need a pen?  Many still write down things daily and if you are one of those, you may want to invest in a premium writing instrument.  The Fountain Pen Hospital located half a block away from City Hall has a flavor for everyone and the experts to help you find your perfect instrument.  From ball points to roller balls to fountain pens, hey have a price point and style for every personality.  Pens start in the $60 range and go over $3,000 depending on the brand and material the pen is made from.  It is a veritable museum to writing instruments and these make great gifts as well for the professional in your life.

Next time you are downtown and looking for something different, stop in and take some pens for a test drive.